Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fall is here!

Well, talk about having gaps in your blog!! I feels good to be back! Where should I begin?

First of all, I have some time to do this because I had surgery last week, and it has slooooowed me down! This surgery has forced me to look at some thinks in my like that I need to arrainge in order of priorty! The health of Steve and I are first. We have gone so fast for so long that we push through the aches and pains of everyday life to what? Another day of the same? The last blog I wrote, when we had the day off for Knox's birthday was the last day we had had off until the day of my surgery. There is seriously something wrong with that, and I am going to change it.

The restaurant is flurishing! It has just been a joy to watch it grow! We watch for our regulars to come in so we can hear the next chapter of thier lives-how is the new horse responding to training? How was the vacation with the grand kids? How is back to school going? Our crew is doing well! We have a new baby in the mix as our head cook, Aura, had a baby girl in July. We have a new crew mwmber Phyliss, who I taught to make all our Salads and Sandwiches! We are a pretty tight bunch, and we all get along well. I'm so grateful for that, as that means that we all concentrate on taking care of our customers.

I started a new salad line in May, and it took off with a shot, and has not slowed down yet! People LOVE salads! Now I'm working on a line of new sandwiches for the fall and winter. I'm excited about it and we should be ready to go in a few weeks.

Well, it's time for a nap! LOL! I'll try to write more often!

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  1. You and I must be on the same schedule--revisiting our blogs! Nothing like surgeries, strokes, heart attacks to make you find a way to slow down. Get well soon!